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Renáta Šnáblová
I was born in 1960 in Prague, Czech Republic. In Prague I have graduated from the University of Economics in Prague - foreign trade (Master of Economics, 1986). The basics of arts I have learned at the evening lessons of arts (1965-1979). As for the foreign languages, I speak German, English, Russian and partly French.
After some practice in the publicity department of a foreign trade organisation I became a freelance (1990). Gradually I have been turning more and more to art work - mostly to pencil drawing. My favourite theme is portrait of mammals. As a supplement to drawing, I make jewelry from simple materials. I also used to teach arts and crafts techniques at a grammar school in Prague (2002). I used to sell my work on weekends in the market place in Havelská Street in the centre of Prague until September 2020. Now I only work to order. Recently I also enjoy taking photographs of animals, therefore at some point my website will also feature a gallery of photographs, as well as samples of my wireart jewelry.

Animal portraits
My favourite technique is pencil drawing and my favourite theme is portrait of animals, especially of mammals. I have started with drawing of horses, whom I like most, but dogs gradually became the most common subject of my pictures, as people keep dogs much more often. I also draw cats very often for similar reason. I also like to draw other mammals. It is necessary to know well and watch live animals for my work, but it is impossible to draw a highly realistic portrait, which longs hours and days to finish, only from a live animal. I have large archives of encyclopaedias, calendars, postcards and my own photographs of animals.
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