Renata Snablova
I usually draw animal portraits of my own choice, but I also accept orders, if I have time. Most often, these are portraits of dogs, cats, horses or small pets.

I draw by photographs supplied by commissioners, or I can make my own photos. I prefer to draw a real portrait, i.e. a picture concentrated on the head. Only as an exception I draw the whole figure of an animal, and I do not draw people portraits as a principle.

The photos to be used for a drawing must be good - big enough, sharp, without deformations coming from a too close position of the camera to the object, and the animal must be in a position appropriate for a portrait. It is better to choose from more photographs. If you want to see examples of my drawings made to commissions, click here. If you want to see the phases of work, click here.

I usually draw on the format 18x25 cm, and a larger mount is added (approx. 30x40 cm). The price depends on how difficult the work is. Minimum time I need for one picture is one or two weeks.

Price list of originals
A: Drawing size 18x25 cm...(mount 30x40 cm).approx. 2000 CZK
B: Drawing size 12,5x18 cm.(mount 23x33 cm).approx. 1000 CZK
C: Drawing size 7x10 cm....(mount 18x25 cm)..approx. 500 CZK
Note: The prices are valid for one animal in one picture.
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